Evolution Requirements

Contact us by email from our contact page. Do not phone but please do put your contact number when you send your information. Let us know your training, if you have been trained, and your experience. Attach a couple of good clear head-shots. If you are in Spotlight, let us know your details. Acting is a very tough business and also very competitive. It is a joint effort with you and your Management in getting your career moving. It will be useful to read some of the advise given to potential Commercial/Print artistes below.

Now that you are seriously thinking about joining our Commercial/Print board you need to know and take the following steps.

Get a recent photo of yourself (snap shot). Email us from our contact page.

You have to build up your portfolio. To do so you have to test with photographers. Sometimes this will cost you money as professional photographers have to make a living as well. Some photographers will do free tests which helps with their portfolio development as well as yours.  Once you have your first good professional shots you then have to get a z-card made. The Agency will guide you through this.

To get the best result with your photos and future jobs, you have to eat well, sleep well, avoid drinking alcohol(when working), avoid smoking, drink a lot of water and go to the gym. Always be punctual. Maintaining that regime will certainly improve your opportunities in getting work, though we, like any other agency, cannot obviously guarantee that. Remember that every part of your body is potentially going to be worth money. Your skin, hands, nails, eyes, hair, teeth will all benefit from healthy living and early nights.

It is very important to be able to get on with people in this business. Be courteous, friendly and cooperative. This is just as relevant to hair and make-up artists, photographers as well as clients.
It is important that you build a good relationship with your Agency and the people who are looking after your career. Mutual respect counts for everything as well as communication. You must always let us know immediately if you are unavailable for work for any reason at any time. Listen to what is said to you, take notes and advice. Always have a pen and notepad with you. As Agents we are there to help build your career, and your success is as important to us as it is to you. It is a joint effort.

Working hard and approaching it as a professional career could see a good yearly salary being achieved. There is also the opportunity to travel and to establish yourself internationally. You will also have the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people and to progress to other fields in the entertainment industry if you so wish. The attitude must be ‘I CAN’ not ‘I CANNOT’.

Competition, rejection, constant pressure and expectation, loneliness and financial difficulties are some of the realities you will have to face in this business. You have to be strong and determined to cope with the rejections and the fierce competition that you will encounter. Living out of a suitcase as you travel internationally is something that you will have to get used to and the subsequent loneliness that goes with being in a new city going from casting to casting. If you stick at it the chances are you will break through. Consistency is key.

This really depends on you as well as outside factors. We at Evolution Talent, with the diversity of experience that we have as a team, are there to support and guide you. It is a mutual relationship and we have to be aware of your eventual goals and what you want for the future. There are numerous avenues that you could move into, both on the commercial/print and the acting side.

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